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boskone recap

Still my favorite, I think. This year it was the same weekend as the boat show (next door), the travel show, and the beer show (both at the World Trade Center across the bridge). I hit up the travel show in the morning and picked up some stuff on Newfoundland and the Azores, both of which are on my blindo bucket list. And a nice lady in Canada told me about Ile de Orleans, an island right outside Quebec City, which apparently is really bikeable and has all kinds of interesting things to see along the way. So I'm adding that. And a nice lady in Thailand gave me a fun list of things to do in Bangkok, so I'm thinking about that now too.

Also the nice lady in Portugal said, "When you come to Lisbon, you will stay with us in Sintra!" I said okay.

(None of this will ever happen, because I have no money. But a girl can dream. And I won a travel mug from Turkish Airlines, which was nice.)

Then I went to Boskone and immediately, like within three seconds, tripped over someone's rolling suitcase. He apologized and I apologized, so it was cool. It's nice when people are polite about that stuff. And I like the Westin; it's pretty easy to navigate overall.

I hung out with the knitting group for awhile (I brought my hand-sewing and asked someone if it was okay, and she shrugged and said, "It's all fiber"), and then went to Jo Walton's reading, and she kindly signed my new copy of Among Others afterward, even though she was officially signing stuff later. She also recommended Ada Palmer's Too Like the Lightning, so now I have to look that up.

I missed Mothra vs. Godzilla, but let me say that I'm thrilled that they even showed Mothra vs. Godzilla.

I bummed around the con suite and bought a wristwatch I really shouldn't have afforded, and got yelled at by the guy at Auntie Arwen's spices per usual, and had some pretty good sun-dried tomato bread. Then I went to the complicated-plots panel, which was supposed to be about how to keep track of complicated plots, but pretty much everyone answered that question in the first five minutes (answers: Excel, Scribbler, Microsoft Project, outlines) and then they talked about what happens when your characters totally get away from you and change the plot. Which, I don't know, you're the writer, don't you have control over that?

I'd planned to stick around, because there were a couple of panels with possibilities at 8, but then the SO found me and we were hungry and worn out, so we had dinner at the "Irish" "pub" and then came home.

I don't know. I'm still no huge fan of panels (and never will be, I don't think), but I like the vibe at Boskone so much. Really laid-back, lots of places to hunker down and read, and I enjoyed the shit out of the knitting group. In your face, all cons without knitting groups.

That's my story. It's nice today, so I'm going outside.
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